Gardening Tips and Highlights

Gardener’s New Year’s Resolutions

Even though the New Year’s Day has come and gone, here are some things to reflect on and maybe to dream on for a future garden. These ideas can help you to be the best gardener you can be. Resolve to meet one goal each month, or simply use them as inspiration for your list.

• Clean out the shed and go through old materials. We’ve all got that one place in the garage or shed where forgotten garden materials have piled up and now sit, unused. Resolve to clean out your garden shed, discard expired materials and clean up tools.

• Take a risk, plant something new, or, don’t plant something old, however you want to phase it. As gardeners, we all have our favorites, but there’s little to be gained from doing the same thing in the garden year after year. Challenge yourself to replace an old standby with something new.

• Add a new native species to your garden. There are so many benefits to planting native species. Beautify your garden and attract pollinators by adding a native species to your garden this year.

• Plant something with a child. Whether it’s your own children or grandchildren, nieces, nephews or students, resolve to share the love of gardening with a younger person this year. Or, simply plant some beans in a plastic cup on the windowsill and rediscover the childlike joy of seeing the first sprouts.

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