Gardening Tips and Highlights

Cat Safe Houseplants

Home owners should be aware that cats and some houseplants just cannot exist together. Some cat owners are unaware that some houseplants are unsafe for cats and found them ill, then taken them to the vet where they get checked out. Then, as the cat comes home they begin to nibble on the same plant just to repeat the whole expensive vet trip over again; however, if they eat enough it can prove fatal.

Once the owner has discovered it’s the houseplant for making the cat ill, then all the plants go out the door, which is completely unnecessary as the majority of houseplants are perfectly safe for your cat.  

Cats just love to nibble on lush greens and so many owners will plant lush greens in their gardens and indoors just for their cats, which is easy to do. Buy or recycle a container say 7x7 inches and plant wheat and barley purchased from an organic store or pet store. Just make sure it is nice and stable and let it grow. After a few inches of growth, let the cat spend some contented time grazing on its own garden. 

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