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Should trees be wrapped in winter?

Wrapping trees does not keep them warmer, however, reducing moisture loss is important for some plants and a wrap can reduce moisture loss. 

Deer eat just about anything when they are hungry. A wrap of burlap keeps them from eating the new growth from the previous year. People who live in the north understand the damage an ice storm can cause. In a few hours, branches of trees and shrubs can be covered with a very heavy layer of ice. The weight of the ice can break branches or bend them dramatically. 

Most deciduous plants will recover and fill in the broken spaces, while some evergreens, especially upright evergreens like junipers, can be so severely deformed that they never look good again. 

Wrapping with burlap keeps the branches together so that the ice can’t bend them over. Salt spray from the road can be damaging to some evergreens, so yes, covering them can help.

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