Wautoma veteran shares his appreciation for Parkside ceremony

On Friday, Nov. 10, I had the distinct privilege to attend a program at Parkside Middle School honoring all our local veterans. The program included two patriotic musical selections, one choir medley, a great video presentation and several presentations by Parkside students. 

A great address was delivered by officer and local pastor, Chaplain (Col) Al Spitler, and every attending veteran was given the opportunity to come forward and introduce themselves and tell the audience what their military involvement was. The program was concluded by the playing of “Taps” by a student band member. 

After the program we were invited to the cafeteria where we were treated to a delicious meal and bombarded with comments such as: “Thank you for coming”, “Thank you for your service”, “Just sit down and I’ll wait on you”, “Would you like coffee?”,  “Can I get you something else to drink?”, “How about a cookie for dessert?”, “Can I get you another cookie for dessert?”, “How about another cup of coffee?”. 

I was truly honored and amazed at the overwhelming amount of courtesy, gratitude and respect that was extended to me and every veteran that was in attendance. 

To the staff and students at Parkside School, I appreciated this wonderful service you provided, and it made me very proud to be an American, a veteran and a citizen of Waushara County.

My wife, Eleanor, retired after working as a secretary at Dafoe and Parkside Schools for over 33 years, and I can just hear her saying “Good job guys”.


Doug Reilly, Wautoma