Wautoma resident feels Right to Work Law will push the state back 100 years

To the editor:

Like the carrot before the horse, big business is waving large donations in front of republicans to do their bidding. This is evident in the republicans’ agenda. They have voted against minimum wages, equal wages for women, air and water regulations, safety regulations, and overtime pay to name a few.

Big business is putting more or all the liability on the worker for health and retirement benefits. Rather than hiring more people, they are overworking the employees; most are not paying overtime. More companies are cutting hours and depriving the worker of benefits. Some workers in our country can’t get a bathroom break, what’s the next change for republicans, sweatshops and child labor?

Companies are employing the divide and dominate mentality. One person alone has no voice; solidarity can make important changes in your workplace. The company controls your human resources department; good luck if you have a complaint.

Unionizing is the best bet for a good future. As a member of a union, a negotiated package includes good wages, health and retirement benefits, job security, and sometimes vacation. Some unions have apprenticeships that combine schooling and on the job training. Union dues are tax deductible. You have a real voice in your workplace.

Union wages set industry standards. Without these standards your wages will go down. This is why big business is funding republicans. With worker morale so low in the workplace today, companies have to make concessions for a living wage, a safe and proud environment for all concerned. Unions and companies can work together. People spend thousands of dollars on iPhones and pay TV, why don’t they invest in your future?

Republicans spend a lot of propaganda but are they really concerned about the worker or is their loyalty to the money?

/s/ Rich Burkwald, Wautoma