Sheriff’s department appreciates recognition from community

Law Enforcement has always been a very dange-rous profession. And it is a profession that is easily misunderstood by a large part of the population. What a deputy or a police officer does is guided by laws and policies. Our training covers a large variety of subjects and the rules change every day.

Lately law enforcement has been under attack across the county, and when I say under attack I mean the ambush murder of officers doing their job. 

We saw five Dallas Police Officers killed while protecting protesters. Other officers and protesters were injured. The protesters were demonstrating against the use of force by law enforcement across the country.

Shortly after this incident three law enforcement officers were ambushed in Baton Rouge.

Since then other officers continue to be killed in the line of duty. I do not see any end to this open warfare in some parts of our country. Use of Force by law enforcement is the most important part of our profession. We train constantly and keep up on new ways to control situations.

In some cases the use of deadly force occurs. It is not something any officer wants to do but we must be prepared to do so.

Since the shootings in Baton Rouge we started to see the citizens of Waushara County stand up and start to show their appreciation of the job to do. The deputies started having people come up and say “thank you”. People have been stopping at the Sheriff’s Office and dropping off thank you cards. We have noticed the signs at businesses and appreciation is a bit of a surprise. We do not normally hear this in our daily encounters. But the outpouring of support from the county has been heard loud and clear by all of us.

On behalf of the women and men of the Waushara County Sheriff’s Office we want you to know that your kindness is greatly appreciated. 


/s/ Jeffrey l. Nett, Waushara County Sheriff