Salvation Army looks to “Rescue Christmas” this year


Dear Editor,

If at this time, you feel healthy and a notch above despair, you are far better off than most. This COVID-19 has not only “robbed” us of our health, and even life, it has eaten away the “resolve” of many. The victims of this pandemic are not only the ill-fated in health, but the many who are in need of services and substances that they could once count on to be available. While there are some increased avenues of assistance during this period, Christmas is certain to be somewhat dismal for many of our neighbors.    

This year’s Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive has adopted the slogan: “Rescue Christmas”. It is our hope, that we can continue to bring joy to families that are distressed during this time, for reasons both related and unrelated to this pandemic.

This pandemic also inhibits the effort of  Salvation Army to collect the means to help others. This season will not look like any season in the past. We pray that we will be out there ringing bells and collecting donations in our red kettles, but it certainly will be different. First, the soliciting of bell ringers is so much more difficult due to the fact that meetings and church worship groups are now “virtual” or non-existent (in some cases). And, Second, once contacted, the recruiting of bell ringers themselves is going to be more difficult as we are asking them to wear masks and use hand sanitizing methods.

Folks, this is where you “come in to the picture”. Salvation Army is asking you to step forward and volunteer, putting up with inconvenience, for the sake of others, that we can help with a successful season. Residents here in Waushara County are counting on “us”.

Please heed the call of your helping organization when you are asked to represent them or, please call Roger at (920) 787-4250 or Mike at (414) 690-3350 to offer bell ringing hours.

Thankfully yours,

Roger Charette and Mike Davis, Salvation Army Volunteers