Reader believes people who walk beside you are a reflection of joy

To the Editor:

Sunday night, I decided I should write a letter just to communicate with all the people I’ve known in the county over the years. My father’s death was a hardship in my life. He loved and cared for so many of us, so be it, I hugged and shook hands with so many people.

Reputations form in our minds and souls. Do we really know what goes on behind our shadows or when the door closes? Why do so many of us rely on others’ hearsay. Yes, then the repeatedly takes over, and that reputation begins. So are we really in touch with our families after all?

Many of us attend churches in our communities and many of us choose not to. Then hate, hunger and horrible acts sift into our lives. I’ve learned over the years that confidence and self worth are not measured by money or fame. Happiness comes from within you. People that walk beside you are truly a reflection of joy.

A true Christian smiles and takes your hand. So the next time you hear someone talk about others, just remember, rumor has it.

/s/ Jane M. Inda, Wild Rose