Praising WHS salutatorian speech


Dear Editor,

I read the speech that Evan Gruszka, WHS salutatorian gave on his graduation day. I thought wow, who is this young man.

What knowledge, he certainly has learned a lot in his young age. Mrs. Albright, Mrs. Peterman, Mr. Barker, and Mr. Urness must be very proud of him, along with other teachers that he has had in his life.

He is so forthcoming with what is in store for the future. His attitude is so positive in this unsettled world. Yes, the Class of 2020 certainly has had its knocks, but I don’t see Evan Gruszka ever saying why me or us.

He will be a leader and do whatever needs to be done with whatever challenge is out there. We can hope and pray that there are many more Evan Gruszka’s from the Class of 2020 that can get things back on track in our unsettled world. God Bless all of them.

A thumbs up for Evan and a distancing pat on the back, and a hug too.

/s/ Sincerely,

Patricia R. Johnson