Pontoon boat owner appreciates weekend response from Blackhawk Marine, Wautoma

On Saturday, Aug. 6, we were enjoying the lake with family and friends out on our South Bay Pontoon Boat. 

Suddenly, we had engine trouble. It was around 5 p.m., but I called Blackhawk  Marines number anyway. They were closed of course, and on their answering machine were numbers to call for pier and lift service and boat repair, as well as Doug’s personal cell phone numbers.

I called the repair number, and got Terry on the line. I explained our engine problem, and he thought he knew what the problem was. 

“I can be there within the hour,” Terry said. I was thinking ‘No way,’ but gave him our address.   

In a short time, Terry came walking down our steps to the lake. In less than half an hour, our boat was up and running.  

We were able to enjoy the rest of weekend on the lake. I don’t know who can beat service like that.  I am so glad we have Blackhawk Marine in Wautoma. Doug is a great person with a great staff.