Political signs stolen from yards


To the editor:

Unfortunately, there has been an alarming number of political signs stolen from yards in Waushara County. Therefore, I fell it is timely to reiterate the law on campaign signs. Defacing or stealing political campaign signs is against the law. Under Wisconsin State Statute 943-01, anyone stealing such a sign can be prosecuted. Both of these statutes are Class A misdemeanors. Those arrested can be fined up to $10,000 and sentenced to nine months in jail.

Anyone who witnesses such activity should call the Waushara county Sheriff’s Department at 920-787-3321 or the local police department in the municipality where the act is committed.


The Waushara County Area Democrats have employed the use of Home Surveillance Cameras and Trail Cams to monitor signs. We request that everyone be allowed to express their Freedom of Speech regardless of political affiliation.

Respectfully submitted

s/s Tom Stepanek-chairman

Waushara County Area Democrats