Non-partisan redistricting Advisory Referendum on ballot


On Aug. 18, the Waushara County Board voted in favor of a resolution to offer the citizens of our county an opportunity to have their voices heard about redistricting by placing an Advisory Referendum question on the Nov. 3rd ballot.

After the U.S. Census is completed at the start of each decade, the legislature in Wisconsin has the responsibility to redraw political districts so that there are roughly equal numbers of people in each district to ensure equal representation.

Until 1971, this was done in a bipartisan manner. Since then, however, the process has become more and more partisan due to the ever increasing ability of computer data analytics using voter demographics for the party in power to design district maps so that their party will dominate more districts, thus giving them more seats.

This is known as “gerrymandering”. Both political parties have done it and will continue to do it with ever-increasing precision until we citizens demand an end to it.

Gerrymandering is a threat to our democracy in that instead of the voters choosing their politicians, the politicians choose their voters. This allows them to be less responsive to our needs. It discourages citizens from running for public office, leaving less competitive elections. 

Fifty-three of the 72 Wisconsin counties already back Non-Partisan Redistricting. Please help Waushara County join this growing movement by voting YES on the Non-Partisan Redistricting Referendum question in the upcoming election.


/s/ Joe Horvath

Pine River