Loberg expresses gratitude for police, asks others to do the same

To the Editor:

I write this letter to express my gratitude to the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department and the Wautoma Police Department.

In this time, in which we live, they do their jobs daily under great scrutiny.

I feel it is of utmost importance for the public to understand they do not know the entire situation when and incident occurs. We only know what the media presents, what the public perceives as facts, and now what social media disperses.

I think it is safe to say no one goes into law enforcement to be cruel to the public or break the law. Split-second decisions are made daily. Law enforcement receives extensive, specific training designed to instill correct automatic response to a situation.

Before the public passes judgement, forms opinions and makes statements, understand you do not have all the facts. We must appreciate our officers for staying true to their profession and our community.

They are dedicated to keeping our community safe for us all. Take time to say say “thank you.” It’s a tough job during tough times.

/s/Jeannie Loberg, Wautoma.