Berlin graduate appreciates publication of recent article

To the Editor:

Thank you for publishing the recent Berlin School District victory where we continue to be the Berlin Indians, a victory to be sure. 

It took over four years for a grassroots citizen effort, court battles, changing an unconstitutional state law, the governor’s signature and working with elected representatives to get to the end.

First of all, this wasn’t about a “mascot.” Berlin does not have some character dressed up as “mascot”.  Examples of mascots would be Bernie Brewer for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. What we have is a very respectful logo, a Native American Chief, wearing a feather headdress. Our logo is not a cartoon figure, nor is it racist. In fact, our logo was drawn by a local artist, a Berlin High School graduate, and with that 90 percent vote confirming that our school district should continue to field sports teams proudly bearing the name Berlin Indians and displaying our Chief logo we consider the issue settled forever.

Yes, there are three of us challenging three incumbents for Berlin School Board this coming April 7. To be sure, the incumbents are nice people, but they’ve been too nice in tolerating outsiders who opposed our continuing being the Berlin Indians for a year longer than necessary. 

Berlin School District taxpayers were insulted as being racists by these outsiders. These false accusations should have been stopped many months ago. Michele Cassidy, Lee Born, and David E. Gneiser will appear on the April 7 ballot. 

/s/ David E.  Gneiser

1970 Berlin High graduate