You are a hero

by Hayley Stroka, News Editor


As the pandemic con-tinues to loom over the heads of the human race it can be hard to process the world around you. There are a few different scenarios being faced right now. Extended times at home during “Safer at Home” with your family, working long hours to provide essential services, or working from home to provide important services. Some may be wanting to do more to help. Whatever the situation, everyone is a hero.

Each case presented is equally important. Main-taining social distancing while at home is reducing the spread of infection. By staying at home, you are reducing the risk of those more vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19. So really, think of it as saving lives. That is awesome of you Waushara County. You may be going stir crazy at home, but you are needed to protect the world’s health. You are heroes for being troopers throughout the crisis, and your efforts are not to be over  looked Those who are working through the pandemic are also heroes. From healthcare workers to grocery store employees, they are working through the pandemic even when the risk of infection is high. Essential staff are an inspiration as they give their best to provide Waushara County with the products and services they need. They are making sure we are safe inside their stores or facilities by going the extra mile when sanitizing or implementing new safety measures. These workers efforts are greatly appreciated, as seen throughout the county.

Working from home is not an easy task to adapt to either. Transforming your home to your office is quite the job. Teachers are continuing to provide an education to our youth, even though they are not in the classroom. Transforming your home into a workspace to provide clients or students with essential knowledge is a monumental sight to see, with the advance in technology and the social impact. Waushara County can continue staying safe at home while still gaining an education and cliental, something that may not have been as easy 50 years ago.


Waushara County resi-dents each have a different story. Whatever that story is, it is important. Citizens are proving stronger than ever while faced with this moment in time. One day you will be in history books (how cool?). This year has proven that the Waushara County community is strong and united. You are Waushara heroes.