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Waushara County Canines

Waushara County Crime Stoppers was originally founded by citizens of Waushara County under the direction of the late Pat Fox who was Sheriff at the time, and an volunteer Board of Directors from various communities in the County, with the goal to provide a means for residents to anonymously report criminal activity.

In 2005 the focus expanded to include an effort to purchase a canine for the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department.  A trained canine could serve many purposes including; drug detection, officer protection, search and rescue, but with a $10,000 price tag, incorporating the purchase and training of the canine was a seemingly insurmountable hurdle to it becoming a reality.

However, through the generosity of county donors and the hard work of the CrimeStoppers Board of Directors in 2006 Deputy Wally Zuehlke was joined by Anuk, his purebred German Shepard partner.  Together this duo trained in drug detection which is useful in both traffic stops along with the execution of drug related warrants.  The two also trained and have successfully tracked suspect and lost children.

In 2008 again through generous donation and Crime Stoppers fund raising activities the Waushara County Sheriff’s Office had their 2nd canine when Deputy Brian Wenzel was partnered with Mac, a purebred German Shepard.  This gave the Sheriff’s Office the ability to have a canine to work every day excluding normal days off.   Wenzel and Mac’s training was identical to the training received by Zuehlke and Anuk.  This gives the Sheriff’s Office flexibility to proactively check and enforce other location such as jails, schools etc. to locate contraband.

In 2009 the Jailbreak was born, in an effort to assist Waushara County Crime Stoppers in maintaining the canine program, George Peterman and Wade Pennau with the assistance of Crime Stoppers organized the Jailbreak Marathon as a fund raiser.  All proceeds from the Jailbreak would go to support the county canine program.  It’s a great cause to support a valuable resource for the Sheriff’s Office which is primarily funded through donations

Both handlers are currently working and training with their second partner; our Sheriff Wally Zuehlke is partnered with Argo and Deputy Brian Wenzel is partnered with Thor.  We are in the process of obtaining and training a third canine.  Deputy Scott Eagan is our latest county deputy to accept the challenge of taking on a canine partner.  He currently is going through the training with his new partner Storm a Malinois and German Shepard mix.  Storm’s public debut will be at the Jailbreak Marathon so come out and see Storm along with Argo and Thor.  See the canine demonstrations during the Jailbreak on Sept. 28.

As a county in rural Wisconsin we are very fortunate to have three working canines in the county.  Come out and support the Jailbreak. Visit our Website at  For questions contact us at