UW-Madison–Extension June Lunch & Learn Program: Service with a Smile

On Tuesday, June 25 from noon-1 p.m. at the Waushara County Courthouse in Wautoma, UW-Madison Extension Waushara County will be having a Service with a Smile Workshop as part of their Lunch & Learn Series.

There are some common characteristics to customer service and to encourage people to participate in an activities of an organization of agency. The important person in a conversation is the customer or potential participant. Therefore, it is important to communicate with people in the way that appeals to them, which is why service with a smile is often associated with good customer service. At this workshop, learn how to identify characteristics that may indicate the best way to adjust your communication to give an individual the best service possible.

This workshop takes a look at two ways of understanding how people perceive the world, the theories of generation perspective and personality schema or temperament.

The workshop is based on research conducted for UW-Madison Extension’s Communicating Across Generations curriculum.

The common attributes of different generations can be explained based on the theory that people develop the way they view the world based on what happens to them between middle school and college age. Because many of those influential events are national and worldwide, there are some common characteristics for different generations.

The other theory covered is personality temperament or schema classifications, which have been around since the time of the Greek philosophers.

The workshop is based on personality temperaments as defined by Real Colors, Jay Rifenbary, Larry Swain, and Dave Mitchell. They each have a slightly different take and different names for the four personality categories, but they have many common elements.

This workshop will be taught by UW-Madison Extension Community De-velopment Agent Patrick Nehring on Tuesday, June 25, from noon to 1 p.m. in the Demonstration Room of the Waushara County Courthouse. Parking is available on the corner of Elm Street and Scott Street.

There is no cost to attend, but pre-registration is requested. To register for this Workshop, please call the Waushara County UW-Madison Extension office at 920-787-0416.

If you are interested in box lunch prepared by the Department of Aging for a small fee, please call the Waushara County UW-Madison Extension Office by Friday, June 21.