A time of crisis – a time to give thanks

We are continuing with the Pandemic Crisis that has hit our nation.  The Safer at Home order has been in effect for less than a week and schools have been closed for much longer than that.

It is a time to reflect on how we are dealing with this, what we can do better, and just time to give thanks for those that continue to serve us with our needs each and everyday.


The school administration, teachers, and staff continue to take care of needs for the students online and other means.  The schools are providing breakfast and lunch to kids under 18 and in Wautoma they have several drops offs to accommodate the students, and for Wautoma you need not be a student to pickup your breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday.  Check with your school district for locations and for more information on the services they are providing.  Even though the school is closed, staff and teachers continue to work diligently through the week to provide all the services they possibly can and answer questions that may arise.

The grocery stores and truckers are doing their very best to keep up with the demand for food and more food.  They are getting supplies in to meet the demand and sometimes a particular brand or item may not be available but through this we must adjust to what we can get. It also includes thanking the clerks in the stores and convenience stores for all they are doing to serve us.  It is having patience and waiting in line six feet apart to check out.  We have time and my hope this will teach us all to be more patient.

It is about thanking our local hardware stores for providing the items we need from them and giving us the opportunity to purchase paint and supplies.   Our local stores appreciate your business and are offering curbside pickup and in many cases delivery so you do not need to leave your vehicle or home.


Our restaurants are adapting and providing curbside pickup, drive-thrus, and delivery.  Most of our restaurants did take-out on a regular basis but this new pandemic has forced the restaurants to make big decisions and big adjustments to accommodate outside their establishment.  So take outs, drive thrus and delivery are available and you are encouraged to support these businesses.

What about the Post Office, your mail carrier, the UPS and Fed Ex Drivers?  Those people continue to provide us with uninterrupted service.  We get the mail each and everyday and residents are able to get packages delivered to their home.

Churches are reaching out through social media and doing the best they can for your spiritual needs.  For the churches in our area producing video on Facebook has been a learning curve, just reach out and say thanks.

All Waushara County Government office including Social Services, Health Department, EMS, Sheriff’s Office, and the landfills, continue to provide services through the pandemic.  A wave and a word of thanks is so appreciated.

At the Argus we are continuing to bring you the news each week using all resources available to gather the updates and happenings as we continue these weeks in self distancing.  We are thankful for Waushara County offices for getting us the news to keep you informed.  We are thankful that we have a county with 0 positives to date.  We are thankful to bring you the Waushara Argus and the Central Wisconsin Resorter each and every week.

My staff is amazing from those working at home to those working here and our inserters that come in to mail our papers each week.  We are blessed and we are finding ways of doing things that make our working environment safe. 

These are unchartered waters we are in and just know that we care, we will get through this together, and we are doing our best to bring you the news each week.

If you and your families have photos to share or have a story you would like to tell, please send it to me at the Argus – Argusmary@wausharaargus.com or mail to Waushara Argus, Box 838, Wautoma, WI 54982 or call the office at 920-787-3334.


Stay Safe – Stay Healthy – Give Thanks,

Mary Kunasch, Publisher

Waushara Argus/Resorter