Social distancing – our new normal

Who thought being apart would save all of us.  It is a proven fact that social distancing, Stay at Home or Stay in Place orders, closing non-essential businesses, etc. have slowed down the spread of COVID-19.

I have been at the paper for 53 years and I have witnessed devastating fires, fatal car crashes, floods, tornado destruction, etc. which are what I consider natural disasters.  But the COVID-19 Coronavirus is something I never dreamed we would experience. It has shut down the county, the country, and most of the world.  So many are affected and it proven to be a virus that is so very contagious.  Who ever thought about isolation for two weeks – self isolating – stressing hand washing -  disinfecting your hands after you pump gas – wiping down hard surfaces several times a day – we thought we lived clean lives till now.  I think up until now we all thought we were free and clear.

Whoever thought we could not visit the sick and the dying?  Whoever thought we could not hold a funeral for a loved one that passed? Whoever thought we could not sit in a waiting room while your spouse was seeing a doctor?  Whoever thought we may have to sit in our car and wait to be called in for an appointment? Whoever thought we would all be home schooling with the help of school districts?  Whoever thought that grocery stores would have bare shelves? Would you ever think that you would see people buying more than they needed especially toilet paper?

Through all this, I am an optimist and my glass is always half full, actually it is usually filled to the brim.  We are a county that is blessed in so many ways and through this pandemic I believe we will come out of it with a better understanding of area services, what our medical community goes through, and what our local businesses do to help in time of need.  These businesses are here because they want to be – they are here with the hope you patronize them – they are here to support the schools – they are here to support the tax base – they are here for us – each and everyday.

We need more patience and time as a society and this has given us that.  We can stand in line at a grocery store and we should be patient and kind.  We are all in this together and together we will get through it.

Governor Tony Evers just announced today, March 24th, that this Stay in Place and shutdown of non-essential businesses will be in effect through April 24th.  While some may think this is not necessary, I see it as a way to just stop COVID-19.  We have come to adjust to new normal and changes that come daily and sometimes hourly, but by keeping this in place for another month, we should all be in the clear and Waushara County, the state, and the Nation will be healthier and prepared to get back to rebuilding the economy.

I ask that you continue to follow the safety guidelines with social distancing, sanitizing, hand washing etc. and patronize as many local businesses as are open.  Stay in our area and shop in our area.  We have had about 15 people tested to date and we have no positive cases, let’s work to keep it that way.

Remember when this ends and it will, the local businesses will need our support more than ever.  They are here for us, they have sacrificed for us, and we owe it to them to patronize them.

We are an essential business, we will continue to print the Waushara Argus and Resorter each week.  We have people working from home, we have had cutbacks and the full time staff has filed for unemployment to compensate.  Just know we are all in this together and we will get through this together.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Healthy,

Mary Kunasch

Proud to be the Argus/Resorter Publisher