Richard Templen takes Old Glory Honor Flight

Richard Templen, Wau-toma, had the honor of attending the Old Glory Honor Flight on July 28, which was a flight from Oshkosh to Washington D.C and then back in the same day. The flight was for veterans from the Vietnam war and this flight included roughly 120 veterans. When Richard and the fellow passengers arrived in D.C., they received a water salute. A water salute is when there are two trucks that blast water into the air and the plane lands between the arcing water. The group was also greeted by a band and lines of people who wanted to shake their hands. “The line must have been 200 feet long and 4 feet deep,” Richard said. The trip included various stops, and to help assure the veterans made it all their desired locations they were escorted by the State Park Police Department. Some of the places the veterans visited were the Vietnam Wall, Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian, Arlington Cemetery, and Airforce Memorial. After visiting all of these different memorable spots, the veterans returned to the airport where they were given a goodbye ceremony. There was also a role call done, during which the Veterans received cards from family, friends, and the community members. Richard recalls getting a letter from a Soccer coach in D.C. thanking him for his service. Once the group returned to Oshkosh, there was another ceremony where the American Flags were retired for the night. “The trip was very well organized,” Richard said. “It was quite an honor.” Richard had signed up for this trip two and a half years ago. Richard was born in Richland County and moved to Wautoma 12 years ago. He was once a Post Commander and in the Vietnam war. He is now a part of the VFW Post #2267, which he joined in 1973 and is now a lifetime member.