Prevent Prescription Painkiller Abuse program to be held Sept. 20

The Wisconsin Department of Justice, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and other partners across the state are working to prevent the increasing public health crisis of abuse, addiction and overdosing of prescription painkillers and opioids. Deaths and hospitalizations from overdoses and four out of five heroin addicts begin by abusing prescription painkillers.

Storing prescription painkillers in a secure, out-of-sight, and out-of-reach location can help prevent them from falling into the hands of abusers, as well as children, grandchildren, teens, and others. Locking them up, also prevents someone in your home from purposely or accidentally taking the wrong medication.

Prescription lockboxes, a safe, or locked medicine cabinet are the most effective way to prevent abuse and accidental use.

Free medication lockboxes, bags, or deactivation kits are available to those attending the Healthy Aging Lunch & Learn Program: Prevent Prescription Painkiller Abuse, presented by Mary LaBlanc and Sue Shemanski, from Waushara County Human Services. The program will be held on Thursday, Sept. 20, at noon, at the Waushara County Courthouse Demonstration Room, Wautoma. This event is sponsored by Waushara County Department of Aging.


Additional events on this topic being held in the future include: TRIAD meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 2, 10 a.m., at the lower level of the Sheriff’s Department, 430 E Division, Wautoma. The Community Fair will be held on Saturday, Oct. 6, 10 a.m. – 12 noon, at the Waushara-Wautoma Senior Center, W8220 Cottonville Ave, Wautoma. The Community Fair includes a safe Drug Take Back day, as well as flu and pneumonia immunization, blood pressure checks, voter registration, CodeRed enrollment, door prizes, and much more.


Opioid dependence can affect a person of any age. If you or a loved one needs support with painkiller addiction, consult your physician, or you may call the ADRC (Aging and Disability Resource Center) anonymously at 1-877-883-5378.