Members of the community came to receive a delicious lunch while supporting a good cause. Pictured is Layten Sobieski, Catie Olsen, and Jeff Hartfiel.

Olsen’s Mill supports the 4-H club and dairy farmers

Olsen’s Mill hosted a brat fry May 16 to support the local 4-H Club and dairy farmers. The 4-H club and their programs are currently on hold, but they are continuing to stay connected. Most recently a Zoom meeting was held so members could still converse.


Olsen’s Mill also wanted to bring awareness to the agricultural and dairy farmers. While many dairy farmers are having to dump milk, the Mill wanted to do anything they could support these farmers, as many 4-H members are from agricultural families.

In order to support the dairy farmers Olsen’s Mill also hosted a milk giveaway during the brat fry. Customers could receive a free gallon of milk while supporting a good cause.


The Mill raised $300 for the 4-H Club and will be hosting another Brat Fry next Saturday, May 23, 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. They will be giving away gallons of chocolate milk to support our dairy farmers.