Highway Department workers Karl Atkinson and Paul Brown installing the new sign.

New signs for routes to kick off Bike Month in Waushara County

Bike Month is the month of May. It is the perfect time to go for a ride and to get some exercise.

Waushara County Health Department has been working on a project since last August to fund and install route directional signage on all ten of the established bike routes in Waushara County.

As of April 23, two of the ten Waushara County Bike Routes are now signed.  They are routes 4 & 5, which start and end in Wild Rose at Roberts Park.  The signs are located before all turns and stop signs. The routes are 23 miles and 30 miles respectively.

Route booklets for these and all other routes can be found at the Waushara Chamber of Commerce, Wild Rose Library, online at www.wausharacountypublichealth.com, or at the Waushara County Parks Department website.