In limbo for 44 years, Stevens Point native Marjorie McFarland Stroud is back home

Marjorie McFarland Stround was born on May 16, 1907 in Stevens Point and passed away Dec. 15, 1974 at the age of 67 in Greenport, NY. She was survived by her 82 year old husband John E.C. Stroud. They had no children.

Forty-four years later, while doing some ancestral research on Marjorie’s college classmate and close friend Eileen Hendy, Eileen’s granddaughter discovered something she wasn’t quite prepared for.

Hoping to find where her grandmother’s friend was buried, Susan Read located Marjorie’s obituary in a local paper. Her obituary led Susan to the Horton-Mathie Funeral Home in Greenport, NY. Still in business, they handled Marjorie’s final arrangements back in 1974. Susan called the funeral home to inquire if any records still existed. Barbara Richardson, an assistant there checked the basement where the old records were kept. Calling back a few days later and to Susan’s surprise, not only did they have a record of Marjorie’s arrangements, they still had Marjorie.

Seems either a mishap occurred or perhaps her husband was so distraught with grief that her cremated remains were never claimed. They have been sitting dormant on a shelf in the basement for 44 years. Recognizing that this unfortunate situation needed to be corrected, Susan devised a plan.

First she needed to find a living relative, and as luck would have it she did. Second cousin once removed France Walker Stenberg of Houston, TX was located through an extensive search and she agreed to claim her ashes. Susan then found Marjorie’s mother, Adele Hamilton McFarland, buried in the Hamilton family plot at the Hancock Cemetery, Hancock. This seemed to her to be the proper place for Marjorie’s cremains.

Reaching out to us through our Facebook page “Hancock Cemtery Association”, our Secretary and Treasurer, Susan Cichy, researched the family plot and was able to confirm that there was in fact space available for Marjorie’s remains to be buried next to her mother.

Susan then ordered a beautiful engraved granite stone online from They were extremely accommodating by rushing the order through to try to beat the Wisconsin frost.


Marjorie’s cremains were sent from the funeral home and received by Hancock Cemetery caretaker James Hamilton (no relation) on Nov. 19. He will prepare the gravesite in the spring and give Marjorie a proper burial, placing her next to her mother and into her final resting place...back home in Wisconsin for eternity. (Her cremains will be kept at Stahl Funeral Home, Plainfield).