Leusink is a candidate for Waushara County District Attorney

Walworth County prosecutor Matthew Leusink has announced that he is running on the Republican ticket for District Attorney of Waushara County, which is currently vacant.

“My family moved to the Richford area in the fall of 2005 and until I was hired as a prosecutor with Walworth County in 2015, I considered Waushara County my home,” Attorney Leusink said.  “I hope to be able to use the experiences I’ve gained as a prosecutor to give back to Waushara County, and work to form positive relationships with law enforcement, courthouse employees, and the community to help protect the people of the county.”

Attorney Leusink graduated from Princeton High School in 2007, earned a B.A. in Political Science and History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010, and earned a law degree at Georgetown University Law Center in 2013.


He worked as a part-time Assistant District Attorney in Fond du Lac County in 2014 and has worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Walworth County since April of 2015.

As a prosecutor, Attorney Leusink has handled numerous different types of cases, including juvenile offenses, domestics, OWIs, drug cases, and property crimes, and has prosecuted over sixty jury trials, which have involved crimes such as Attempted Homicide, Attempted Sexual Assault, Carjacking, Child Abuse, Robbery, and multiple traffic and property offenses.