Letter to the Editor: One size fits all

To the Editor: There is a t-shirt one is seeing more and more everywhere. It is given out by Thrivent Financial in a variety of colors, but the front of the shirt reads: “Live Generously.” It also has a trademark emblem of a heart with a cross in it. Every time I see this shirt worn in public, I am reminded that there is a very large population, especially in our area, that indeed live generously. These people spend hours of their time in selfless missions, which benefit their fellow neighbors and citizens. There is evidence of living generously everywhere you look. Some are advertised or covered by radio announcements, newspaper, or television. Some missions are more visible than others, but the point is that they exist abundantly in our area; they exist not only due to individual efforts of so many people, but our citizens in general respond to these efforts. Certainly a cause no matter how noble would wither and die, if it were not for those citizens that answer the appeal generously. We are truly blessed with people living generously in this area. This is a quality that we citizens should be very proud of, and it is a characterization so wonderfully displayed in Wautoma, Waushara County, and beyond. /s/ Roger Charette. Salvation Army Volunteer