Environmental Education Program Grant open to area applicants

The time has come for the Waushara County Watershed Lakes Council, Inc (WCWLCI) to announce its annual Environmental Education Program Grant. This program is available to organizations, groups, and individuals for funding to help pay for environmental education activities for Waushara County residents.

Applications should include the following information: the name of a contact person with contact information; a brief description of the activity for which the funding is being requested, including items such as number of participants, locations, dates, and the amount of the request. Request funds should not exceed $250. The application deadline to be considered for a funding award from the WCWLCI is May 1.

The WCWLCI Environ-mental Education Program Committee will review all applications and determine award winners and amounts to be awarded prior to July 1. Prior to July 15, the WCWLCI Vice-President will notify award winners and the amount they are to receive. The award payment will be awarded before July 31.

Interested organizations, groups, and individuals can apply for these funds by contacting the WCWLCI at wcwlc34@gmail.com or mailing applications to WCWLCI, PO Box 634, Wautoma, WI 54982.