Download Code Red Mobile Alert App now

The CodeRED® Mobile Alert App is used by local emergency services to send critical communications to the public; covering everything from evacuation notices, missing child alerts and severe weather watches and warnings.  Waushara County uses CodeRED® services to distribute emergency alert situations.

Approximately 85 per-cent  of adults in the U.S. own a cell phone and use it as their preferred means of communication and source for news. With more and more people relying on mobile technology for communication, it is important to use this technology to keep you and your family safe.

We encourage all Waushara County residents to sign up for CodeRED®, along with downloading CodeRED® Mobile Alert App on your smart phone.  This way as you travel outside the county you can be kept informed of emergency situations, such as weather alerts, emergency road closures and other emergency activity in your immediate area.


As summer approaches Waushara County has an extremely large summer transient population. There-fore, it is important that all visitors to our area stay informed.  We strongly en-courage visitors to download the CodeRED® Mobile Alert App so they can stay informed of emergency situations here in Waushara County.  Make your visit a safe one.