Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative expands

Common Ground Health-care Cooperative (CGHC) announced that it is offering health insurance to individuals and small employers in Waupaca and Waushara Counties. The expansion means that CGHC now serves 20 Eastern Wisconsin counties.

CGHC is a non-profit, member-governed health insurer that is uniquely focused on the needs of individuals, families, non-profits, and smaller businesses. As a cooperative, the Board of Directors is elected by those buying the insurance, and any earnings are returned to the members through lower prices or improved services.


Cathy Mahaffey, CGHC’s CEO, said she’s pleased with the opportunity to serve residents of Waushara and Waupaca counties. “When we added ThedaCare to our network, we heard from a lot of people interested in joining up because they otherwise had to travel long distances just to see a doctor,” she said. “We are very interested in serving additional Wis-consin communities where our providers can more than adequately meet the communities’ needs. We’re so pleased we are able to give people another option for 2019.”

CGHC, which also offers Aurora, Children’s Hospital and Health System, Partnership Community Health Center, and Bellin Health in its network, is expanding its service region at a time when other insurers have left the individual market. They were the only health insurance company offering coverage on the federal Marketplace in 2018 in seven Wisconsin counties and are among lowest priced options on the market in 2019.


“The cooperative was built on the promise of bringing a new and different kind of choice to the market for people,” Chief Business Development Officer Brian McDonald said. “We are trying to transform health insurance by building our cooperative around the needs of consumers, and hoping it encourages others to do the same. We may be new to serving Waupaca and Waushara communities, but our network of providers is well established. We just want people to have good information to make the best choices for themselves and their families.”