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Barn tour scheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 14

Char Stratton, Hancock, had a vision of putting a barn quilt on their barn at their homestead located at W11210 Brown Deer Dr.  That vision became a reality this past summer when she got together with some creative friends and creatively put a quilt design on two 4x8 sheets of plywood.  For the barn quilt, first you get the plywood, then you mark out the design and then you paint and finish.  The project took about a month to complete and was affixed on the barn this summer.

After the project was complete and Char and her friends were excited about how unique barn quilts are they decided that a Barn Quilt Tour would be a great idea.  From there the idea became a reality and the tour of Barn Quilts in Waushara County will be held this Saturday, Sept. 14 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  At the Stratton farm there will be food and refreshments, plus a drawing for a door prize from an area business on the hour every hour.

Photos and address of the Barn Quilts are included in the Resorter. As you take the tour you can stop by, take photos, and head on to view the next barn quilt.  Some of the quilts look like they were just painted and others are showing their wear through the test of time.


If you are thinking of a barn quilt project, there are painters that will do the work for you or you can make the project your own.  Many of the designs and colors are chosen by the homeowner, some depict special events, some special commemorative dates.  The design and colors you choose are up to each individual.  As you drive through the countryside even after the tour we hope you will notice the barn quilts adorning barns throughout Waushara County and beyond. You will notice on this tour – there are no two alike.

Please check the Sept. 10th Resorter for participants and map.