April in the garden

April showers bring spring flowers as they say. So, it is the perfect time to begin working in the garden. Here are examples of where to start your early April projects:

Early in the month, pot up cannas and dahlias for early growth; Begin removing, cleaning and storing winter bird feeders; Start your summer bird feeding regimen; Repair and put out birdhouses; Put out nesting material like pet hair and fibers; Shop for summer bulbs like gladiolas, lilies, and dahlias; Prune late summer and fall-blooming shrubs.

Do not prune spring-blooming shrubs like lilacs, forsythia, or viburnum;  Ready the lawnmower if you haven’t done so already; Start weeding your beds, it’s easier when the weeds are small and the soil is moist;

Remove all mulch from beds; Cut back all remaining perennials and ornamental grasses left from fall; Begin sowing seeds of larkspur, poppies, and hardy annuals in the garden; Plant pansies, violas, and calendula into the garden and containers; Harden off seedlings and wintered over potted geraniums; Rake the lawn and repair it by sowing grass seed; Plant onion sets and early spring crops like lettuce, spinach, carrots, and beets. Begin planting perennials, plant shrubs, and trees.


Don’t forget to shop local nurseries in these trying times.  Most important is to enjoy yourself outside. Spring has sprung.