Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative’s power restoration efforts following storm

The storms on Aug. 28 resulted in power outages affecting approximately 8,700 cooperative members at Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative (ACEC). High winds and heavy rains caused widespread damage across Adams, Marquette, Columbia, and Green Lake counties. There was one member in Waushara County that was without power. Reports of downed trees and extensive property damage are common.

With many local roads impassable, ACEC tree trimming contractors are working to clear paths for electrical line repairs. County and township personnel are working to clear roadways.

ACEC linemen worked throughout the night, and are continuing to work 16-hour shifts, to ensure power is restored as quickly and safely as possible. Assistance from the ROPE program (Restoration of Power in an Emergency) was requested. This program sends additional crews in from other cooperatives in times of need. Linemen from Taylor Electric Cooperative, Rock Energy Cooperative, and Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative are assisting ACEC.

At 8:30 a.m. on Aug. 29 there were approximately 3,000 ACEC members reported without electric service. Line crews are expected to make considerable progress in restoring power today. Once approximately 20 broken poles have been replaced, the majority of members without power should have their power back on; however, it is not possible to estimate when power will be fully restored, especially in areas that suffered the most severe storm damage. The extent of downed trees and other damage will slow power restoration work.  Due to extensive property damage, it is likely that some individual properties will not be able to safely be restored to power until home repairs are made

ACEC ask that members continue to call their outage number (888) 928-2232 if their power has not been restored. These calls help us to reassess those still in need or restoral.


Important safety message

It is during storm recovery periods when we are most reminded to stay away from downed lines or any situation that looks potentially dangerous. Power lines can easily be hidden in twisted tree branches and other storm debris. Remember that those lines may still be energized and should be considered extremely dangerous. Powerlines can be reenergized without warning by the utility company or by improperly installed standby emergency generators in the neighborhood.

Keep your distance and warn others to stay away, too. Even well-meaning work to clear downed trees to speed outage recovery time is a dangerous practice that could result in severe injury or even death. Members are advised to call the ACEC 24-hour Emergency Service Power Outage Line at 1-888-928-2232 and report any potentially dangerous conditions

ACEC offers classes on powerline safety that are available for school groups, first responders, and adults of all ages. If you’re interested in scheduling a powerline safety class, please contact ACEC at 800-831-8629, or on their website at