45th Annual 4-H / FFA Junior Livestock Auction Sale to be held Aug. 17

Waushara county youth are working hard getting projects ready for the Waushara County Fair, Aug. 15-18. Their market animals will be judged at the fair and those qualifying will be offered for sale at the junior livestock auction on Saturday, Aug. 17 at 1 p.m. in the youth pavilion sale ring at the south end of the fairgrounds.

The auction finalizes the market animal projects for rabbits, sheep, dairy, beef, poultry, and swine for youth exhibiting their animals. Local and regional businesses and citizens are invited to attend this exciting event to support these youth exhibitors. See some of the county’s finest livestock at auction. Everyone is welcome to bid.

The sale will begin at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 17. This year’s sale order will be: rabbits, sheep, six dairy project sponsorship lots, beef, poultry and swine. To help promote the dairy project, six dairy sponsorships were added to the auction three years ago. The six dairy exhibitors that will be in the auction will be the winners and runners-up of the beginners, intermediate and senior dairy showmanship. There will be two from each age division. Bidders are not bidding to purchase the dairy animal but to support the dairy exhibitors.

Half of the money will be given to the individual exhibitor and the other half will be divided equally among the other dairy exhibitors provided that they have done all of the educational requirements and the writing of letters to potential buyers. For instance, if the top senior showman gets a bid of $1,500, he or she will receive $750 and the other $750 will be equally divided between the other dairy exhibitors.

In place of receiving an animal, the buyer will receive another gift, such as a painting or a cheese basket. This is the third year for the dairy sponsorship. It has been well received as another way to support the Waushara County youth. Proceeds from the sale of their animals/dairy sponsorships are used by the youth to further their education and to purchase animals for future fairs.

Purchasing a market animal at the sale is easy. If you have the winning bid, you can have the meat processed for your own consumption or the animal can be shipped and resold at the stockyard (arranged by the sale committee). Those purchasing an animal can deduct the difference between the market price (announced prior to the sale) and the actual winning bid price and then this amount is claimed as an advertising expense and is often included in the business advertising budget. The quality of the meat from this sale is very good as they are not spared any attention due to the producer’s desire to do well in judging.

The junior livestock auction sale is easy, fun, and greatly appreciated by the youth in the area. Please come and support the sale and all that the Waushara County Fair has to offer. With your welcomed support, it will make the Waushara County Junior Livestock Auction Sale a success again this year.