Coloma Calvary UMC hold cookout Aug. 14

The Coloma Calvary United Methodist Church held its final campfire/cookout/sing-a-long on Aug. 14. In attendance were (first row): Dawn Gollnick, Michael Tripp, Arden Bandt, Lindsey Parker, Wally King, and Fern King; (second row): Kennedi Parker, Clarice Babbe, Mike Hoover, holding granddaughter, Clairissa Hoover, Penny Pine, Michelle Podoll, Kaytlan Huff, Amanda Huff, Joan Jeannette, Pastor Joan Frost, Judy Wendtland, Mary Jane Schmudlach, Nancy Wellborn, Poppy (owned by Bill and Mary Jane Schmudlach), and Alex and Katlin Schmudlach; (back row): Adam Hoover, Calvin Hoover, Jim Jeannette, Tom Huff, and Bill Schmudlach. Not pictured is Anita Hoover.