Wild Rose Village Board hears from area citizens

The Wild Rose Village Board had two parties wishing to address the board during the Sept, 4 meeting.

Jennifer Pulvermacher, of the Waushara County Public Health Department, was seeking authorization for erecting signs along bike routes, and was doing this throughout the county. After a brief presentation, the Village Board granted its approval.

The other party speaking to the board included those who leased a strip of land adjacent to the Wild Rose Airport, which has been owned by Don Gunderson. A complaint regarding the accessing of said property by crossing the airport runways on ATVs was presented to the Board during the August meeting, and those now leasing the Gunderson property want to know what was happening and what the problem was about.

Village President Tim Ganzel asked the people if they had conducted a title search on the property and if they had a legal easement. The Village was unable to find a title, and there’s a potential problem with incoming and outgoing planes if someone is crossing that area on ATV’S. Board member Tom Lauritzen explained how Gunderson had acquired that land from his grandfather, what was placed on it and why, stating it was for his involvement with the Airport Association, housing his plane. It’s no longer a hangar.

The current leasers stated that they’re not trying to interfere with planes, but rather access the land over the wetter than usual land. The board suggested that they try working things out with the Airport Association, and pointed out that the airport itself is village property.

The board went on to discuss bids received for the future garbage and recycling pick up services, but no decision was needed at this time.

Discussion on the development of a red mill advisory committee was tabled for another month.

The board approved the authorization of McMahon to submit applications for clean water project funding through DNR on the village’s behalf if/when funding is available.

The Board received a Bowmar contract for revaluations in 2020, and the members taken place for 20 years, so it is about time to conduct them again. More bids should be acquired to conduct the revaluations.

In new business, the Board approved the placement of a 30,000 gallon LP tank on Eric Larson’s property on Myriad Parkway. He has met the requirements the Board requested at the August meeting.

The Board also approved a previous request to allow only Al Roemer to drive his ATV to the snowmobile trails from his house to mark the trails, then later to remove the signs again.

Approval was granted for a Shelmet sign, a picnic license for Slugger’s to hold a street dance during the Classic Car Show, and an operator’s license for Leanne Boettcher.

There was no further discussion on possibly sharing the extra cost of the EMS garage remodeling, unless the matter is revisited by the county.

The Board declined to share the cost of repairs to the Wild Rose Hotel & Bar where the work needs to be done along the shoreline of the millpond. There has been no TIF funds or any other funds available for the project.


The next regular Board meeting will take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 2.