Psychic Secretary Selma (Abi Messer) provides some added information, while Detective Nick Noir (Nathan Moderson) questions customers Juniper (Emilee Haag) and Henry (Ian Christie) about someone’s death during a rehearsal of Wild Rose High School’s production of Death by Chocolate.

Wild Rose High School presents “Death by Chocolate” on March 15 & 16

Some people may think death by chocolate wouldn’t be such a bad way to go, but to the Wild Rose High School drama department, it’s the perfect plot for a murder mystery play.

Elizabeth Dohr directed the Wild Rose High School production of Death by Chocolate, and it will premier in the high school auditorium at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16. Elizabeth is assisted by Michael Etzwiler and Brandy Lennert.

The murder mystery involves a Detective by the name of Nick Noir who desires to be a Humphrey Bogart-style private detective who has fallen on hard time. Because of how his last case ended, he was unable to acquire more jobs. Nick received a call from Coco Purvis, who had such as interesting case, he thought he could redeem himself.

Coco and her sister Bonbon run Precious Perks Coffee Shoppe, which is known for its signature drink, Death by Chocolate. Vinnie the Leech found out how true the name of the drink could be, and now the business has slowed down so much that the shop may have to close up unless someone figures out what happened to Vinnie.


The coffee shop is known to attract strange characters who have aliases and could cause Nick some problems as he tries solving the case; however, his secretary Selma showed up to help him out.

The well-seasoned case includes members who are no stranger to the stage, having been part of numerous productions over the years. Emilee Haag is the only senior cast member and she plays a customer named Juniper. Junior Chloe Rajkowski plays Georgia Gore; Ian Christie is a customer named Henry; Nevaeh Petrie is the shop owner Bonbon; Abi Messer is Secretary Selma; Tobin Rajkowski is customer Francois; Ava Gravunder is shop owner Coco; Brooklyn Rait is customer Yolanda; Sawyer Nelsen is waitress Bobbie Sue; Nathan Moderson is Detective Nick Noir.

The tech crew is comprised of Emma Hanson, Kaydee Kamkes, and Austin Lennert, while the set design crew includes Brandy Lennert and Marcia Riendau.

The Drama Club will be selling “Kiss a Cast Member” Hershey’s Kiss Congratulatory messages, flowers, and bottled water.