Westfield School News

A good start

And… begin. Welcome back. All over the state and the nation the first days of the new school year are underway.


The care takers of the building facilities have spent their summers working hard to get them ready. Those who transport, feed and attend to the daily needs of the kids during the school days have already logged some miles and served up good, hot and healthy meals.

The classroom people, made their preparations long ago, and are already under way getting to know new names and faces. It is an exciting, and in some cases, anxious time because it feels so fresh, so promising and holds a hint of wonder about what is to come. The hallways are buzzing with activity, energy and life. Speaking for myself, when the school feels this way, I can’t think of a better place to be.

New starts invite an opportunity to reflect on the potential value and impact of making a new start a good start. If you ask a young learner “who in their life can help cause a good start to happen?” don’t be surprised if the answer is “my teacher” or “my mom or dad”, or some other caring adult. From their perspective they see us as the source of many things. They are right in recognizing that we raise them, guide them and support them in their daily life.

What they may not realize is what a key player, and not a bystander, they are in whether or not good starts happen for them. We all experience rough starts at times, and knowing how to overcome them is its’ own valuable life learning. Paving the path for good starts by preparing and having a positive mindset is an achievable thing, and equally as important.

Caring adults can do things both at home and at school to help good school starts to occur consistently for kids. Intentional effort toward this end will help kids to understand that making a good start for themselves is valuable for their whole lives. Healthy habits, behaviors, mindsets and perspectives… these are things that we carry inside of us and use throughout life.


Making good starts happen in the things we do in our lives, be it school, work or something else causes the new to be that much better. And…begin.