Westfield High School/Middle School students Kade Kangas, Weston Hoffa, Brady Holly, Camden Stampfl, Trey Olstadt, Mitchell McGrath, Kaden Roberts, Carter Stauffacher, Mason Peters, and Lucas Thompson show off their McDonalds coupons as they enjoy their ice cream sundaes on Dec. 3 as part of the Academic Incentives Program.

Westfield Honor Roll students enjoy a sweet incentive

Honor Roll students at Westfield High School/Middle School were all smiles on Dec. 3 as they enjoyed one of the sweetest traditions in their school. At the end of every quarter, students who earn a spot on the Honor Roll, High Honor Roll, or Principal’s Honor Roll are called down to the cafeteria for a deluxe ice cream social and to receive prizes that are part of the school’s Academic Incentives Program.

The ice cream social takes place during Flex period, which is a 31-minute period at the end of the day for students to get extra help from teachers, study for exams, get caught up on their work, receive additional instruction regarding a particular skill in a class, or to attend club and organizational meetings.

During the class period prior to Flex, teachers worked feverishly to pre-scoop bowls of ice cream for the approximately 200 students (about 45 percent of the student body) who earned a spot on one of the honor rolls. At the ice cream social, students go through the line and are able to select a number of different toppings for their sundaes including Oreo cookie topping, Butterfinger topping, Reese’s Pieces, strawberries, caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.

As students enjoyed their ice cream, they were called up to receive their other incentives to recognize and reward their achievements. In addition to receiving ice cream, Honor Roll students earned McDonald’s coupons. Students on the High Honor Roll received coupons to McDonald’s, Subway, and Culver’s, as well as movie passes to the Montello Theater.

Students also received an Honors Pass to the Student Lounge where they can hang out with friends during lunch and study hall while playing video games, darts, and air hockey. Students on the Principal’s Honor Roll received all of the previous incentives plus a free ticket to Mount Olympus indoor waterpark.


Westfield High School/Middle School appreciates the generous local businesses for sponsoring the incentives for our students. The Sponsors include: All County Signs, Brakebush, Culver’s of Portage, McDonald’s of Westfield, Mount Olympus Waterpark, and Subway of Westfield.