Westfield Area High School Spanish National Honor Society members (back): Mikayla Flyte, Lily Wagner, Amberlee Herrera, Sarah Oechsner, and Taylor Ellis; (front): Zane Baker, Alex Meiller, Claudia Johnston, and Jaylyn Rachel.

Westfield High School recognizes their Spanish National Honor Society members

La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, as the organization is called in Spanish, is similar to the National Honor Society. Only students in their third and fourth years of Spanish are eligible to become members. To earn membership, students must prove to be responsible and keep a solid Spanish GPA. Students in Spanish 3 must have a Spanish GPA of at least 3.5 and those in Spanish 4 must have at least a 3.2.


In the past, students in this organization have collected school supplies that were delivered to an impoverished school in Belize and an orphanage in Ecuador. In addition, many participated in a toy drive collecting Christmas gifts for children in Peru. Students have also written Spanish essays, poems and stories that have been published in a Spanish language magazine called Albricias.


On Feb. 27, returning members and new inductees were honored in their Spanish classes for their dedication to learning Spanish and for the excellence with which they have done so.  The Don Quijote chapter of La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica is proud to welcome back the following seniors as two-year members: Olivia Driscoll, Taylor Ellis, Mikayla Flyte, Amberlee Herrera, Sarah Oechsner, Anna Shillinglaw, and Lily Wagner. There was also an additional senior in the Spanish 3 class inducted as a new member: Claudia Johnston.


All senior members will receive red and gold (the colors of Spain) honor cords for their graduation ceremony in the spring. The chapter also welcomes the following new junior inductees from the Spanish 3 class: Zane Baker, Alexander Meiller and Jaylyn Rachel. All these students are extremely hard workersand for Westfield High School it is a privilege to recognize their achievement.