Tri-County students put on Murder in the House of Horrors play

Tri-County High Schoolers are putting in a chilling play this year entitled, Murder in the House of Horrors.

Here is a brief synopsis of what viewers can expect from the play:

Welcome to the museum’s lecture on Monsters, Murderers, and Madmen. You are listening attentively to Professor Dirk Carlton, a renowned Egyptologist, tell of his discovery of the Pharaoh Menkaura’s tomb. Suddenly, while watching a slide of the ruler’s sarcophagus, the projector goes off, plunging the auditorium into darkness.

When the lights come on, the professor is dead and the priceless jewel he was holding has vanished. The audience is now drawn into this mystery, both as witnesses and suspects. When Lt. Dan Morrow arrives, he narrows the suspects to seven. Was it the jealous wife? Or the exotic Egyptian who cursed the expedition? The lieutenant enlists the audience’s aid in solving the crime, allowing them to question and accuse the suspects.

With this unique play that requires help from the audience, attendees are sure to be pulled into the story and on the edge of their seats.


There are two showings for Murder in the House of Horrors, Friday, Nov. 15 at 7-9 p.m., and Saturday, Nov. 16 at 7-9 p.m.