Tri-County Middle School March Students of the Month

Hisela Pina, seventh grade, always comes to class with a positive attitude and responds well to constructive feedback, said Abigail Glenn. Hisela had to jump into a choir of only seven other girls as a new student and no way to really hide or blend in. Glenn said that Hisela showed bravery and hard work, and prepared a solo for the solo and ensemble performance in March. Through that, Hisela was able to improve her self confidence and stretch her voice, which shows in the full choir selections. Hisela is a pleasant and happy energy to have in class.

Seventh grader, Cameron Van Stedum, is personable, said Dawn Byrum. On a daily basis, Byrum finds him to be engaged in class and eager to learn. Cameron catches on quickly to new concepts and is often volunteering answers, adding thoughtful responses to our discussions and has a positive attitude. Cameron works hard to do a good job and appears disappointed when he does not score high. Byrum enjoys having him in class and looks forward to seeing how the year ends for him.

Isai Perez, eighth grade, has gone from a shy, introverted student afraid to ask questions to a positive role model, who self-advocates for himself, said Dawn Byrum. Isai works diligently on homework until it is completed and never needs to be redirected or refocused. According to Byrum, Isai remains engaged while others appear to be uninterested. Byrum is extremely impressed with this new eighth grader. Isai’s successes are contagious and he has been rewarded by being in higher Impact classes this year. His enthusiasm for education will carry him far as he enters high school.

Eighth grader, Owen Creamer, has always been a polite, respectful, kind, and outgoing student, said Lara Nugent. Owen always has a smile on his face, and says “hello, please, and thank you.”  According to Nugent, he is a positive part of our school, and our atmosphere here would be different without him.