Ryan Lois named WHS Student of the Month

The Spanish, Art, Music, and Physical Education Departments at Wautoma High School nominated Ryan Lois as Student of the Month. Ryan is currently in Spanish IV. He excels in the language and works very hard every day. Ryan’s speaking proficiency level in Spanish class is excellent. When writing essays in class, his essays are well-written and he puts in a lot of thought into them. Ryan comes to class prepared and is not afraid to ask questions. He is always one of the first students to complete his work. In and out of class he speaks Spanish with others. Ryan is always willing to work with others in class. Similarly, his hard-working ethic is evident on the basketball court, football field, and on the track. Ryan Lois was recognized and received All State Honorable Mention as a punter and defensive back for football this year. He encourages others to do their best. He is a student that is self-driven and works hard to accomplish all of his goals. Ryan is always positive and whenever you see him you are greeted with a smile. He continues to challenge himself with the classes he takes. The Math and Science Departments also nominated Ryan Lois for student of the month. Ryan has been working hard in AP Calculus AB all year long. His work is always completed on-time and with high quality. Ryan strives to understand the material, consistently does his homework, and asks for help when needed. His lead-by-example approach is refreshing in class and his attitude is always positive. The staff at Wautoma High School feel that he is an excellent candidate for Student of the Month.