Plainfield’s Tri-County 4th graders learn about potato processing at Wysocki Family of Companies

The Tri-County 4th graders took a tour of Wysocki Family of Companies potato sorting and packaging facility in early May. Students, chaperones, and staff were given small group tours of the process the potatoes go through to get from storage to the retail store: storage, fluming, washing, sorting by graters and x-ray machines, lab testing, packaging, order preparation, and shipping. Students even got to see a semi truck up close and crawl up into the cab. They weighed their tour groups on the semi scale. Pictured as part of the group are Vivi Sturdevant, Thomas Fischer, Aiden Saack, Lyric Arnold, Shelby Ludtke, Liberty Vetrone, Michael Bauer, Elijah Caldwell, and Lily Lehnigk. Ashley Tellez, Mia Zdroik, Annalie Mata, Liam Peck, Nevaeh Houk, Emmanuel Garcia, Kaylee Goman, Ethan Murray, George Perez, Evan Barker, Landon Nelson, and Dustin Stucker. Vanessa Garcia, Jacob Makaryk, Riya Ceballos, Aidan Brewer, Grace Detlor, Jacob Ernst, Quinton Wilkins, Gabe Prince, Misty Hurd, Parker Phillips, Luke Rasmussen, Blake Hamel, Kay Goman, Ashton Czlapinski, Juan Navarro, Makayla Garcia-Ruiz, Lorena Segundo, Sonia Castillo.