Camp Parkside students Lupita Barcenes Delgado, Dakota McNeal, and Cerenity Marsh gather with their classmates to enjoy the pizza they made in their cooking class.

Over 450 students attended this year’s Camp Parkside

    This summer, from June 5 - June 29, Parkside Middle School in Wautoma was hosting its annual Camp Parkside. This four-week program was free for children in kindergarten through the 9th grade. Classes ran from 8:20 am to Noon. Plus, there was a free breakfast at 8 am and a free lunch at Noon. This program was convenient for parents, since the school had a free bus service that picked up and dropped off the children at home. During this program, the children got to partake in a variety of educational classes.     Incoming kindergarteners enjoyed a fun-filled academically focused class that prepared them for leaving K-4 and entering kindergarten. The kids enjoyed nursery rhymes, songs, poems, and literature designed to teach reading readiness, math, and kindergarten routines. This was an opportunity for students to build computer skills, and there were encore classes for art, music, and physical education.     The incoming 1st and 2nd graders had certain classes they were required to take in this program, such as Reading and Math Extravaganza for 1st graders, and Kaleidoscope of Reading and Math for 2nd graders. There was also the option for Super Learners, which was a guided reading teaching system where the students read in small groups and develop better reading skills. There was a selection of classes the kids could take to fill the rest of their day, such as a Story Book café (where students cook and make their own cookbooks), different sport activities, a variety of nature classes, arts and crafts, and a book club.


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