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Lily Zelinka named Student of the Month

The first grade team is excited to nominate Lily Zelienka for Student of the Month. Lily embodies everything Riverview Elementary School expects from a student. Lily is a responsible, conscientious, and fun student. She has been working hard all year. Lily practices her reading and words every day at home. When she’s at school, she is always on task and focused. During work time, she follows directions, keeps things tidy, and gives her best effort. Lily has beautiful handwriting, and she is always careful to use correct capitalization and punctuation in her writing.

Lily is a great artist and especially loves to draw kitties. During whole group lessons, Lily always keeps her eyes on the speaker and listens quietly. She raises her hand to contribute her thoughts. During Read-to-Self time, Lily always keeps her eyes on her book and her heart and brain thinking and caring about what she is reading the whole time. Lily is a great helper in the classroom and always respectful. Lily is always kind to other kids. She uses polite words. She listens to others’ ideas and feelings. She does small things to make her classmates’ days better. Everyone wants to be friends with Lily, because they know she is so kind.


Lily is a role model for all kids at Riverview, and for this reason she fully deserves the title of Student of the Month.