The Buzz Corner at Riverview Elementary, Wautoma

Buzz visited 2nd graders in Angie Anderson’s classroom for their Christmas Around the World project.They traveled to different countries to learn about their holiday celebrations. One of the countries traveled to was Mexico. While in Mexico the students learned that the tradition to decorate with poinsettias originated there, so they made a poinsettia ornament to represent that. Buzz and the 2nd graders also scrap booked their time in Mexico including the Mexican flag, things you would see during the holidays, what you would eat during the holidays, as well as other Mexican holiday traditions! Everyone had a lot of fun traveling and learning about different cultures. Pictured are: Back row- Sawyer DeMars, Cameron Rupple, Quinn Gruszka, Owen Weiland, Grace Sowma, Karla Torres, Kitana Nation. Front row- Chase Caswell, Leana Biesek, Jose Martinez, Max Gray, James Gundrum, Jennifer Lopez, Weston Korman, Alexandrea Woyak, Brayden Hoople, and Nereida Sauceda.