Guest speaker Michael Campbell spoke to Almond-Bancroft and Tri-County High Schoolers about the dangers of distracted driving, while also sharing personal stories.

Almond-Bancroft and Tri-County High Schoolers learn about the dangers of distracted driving

On Sept. 13, the Save a Life Tour: Alcohol Awareness Program visited the Tri-County High School in Plainfield on their cross-country tour. To further spread the awareness of distracted driving, Tri-County invited the Almond-Bancroft High Schoolers to attend the presentation, as well. During this event, the students were exposed to the seriousness of texting and driving and impaired driving.

The Save a Life Tour has been to every state in the United States, spreading awareness of distracted driving. Speaker Michael Campbell stated that, according to the National Safety Council, one in four texting and driving accidents ends in a fatality, which shocked the students.

Michael wanted to instill the seriousness of the program within the students, and he did this by first asking how many students had their drivers licenses and then how many of them had picked up their phone while driving before. There were numerous hands in the air, but there was also laughter. It was clear the students weren’t in the correct mindset, so Michael told the room this: “There is no age or legal president that gives you the right to drive impaired or distracted. Take this seriously [and] put some thought into what we will discuss today. No one will judge you for make the right decision to stay safe.”

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