Westfield Area Middle School Band perform at concert band festival

On Feb. 27, the Westfield Area Middle School Band traveled to Weston High School in Cazenovia where they participated in a WSMA-sponsored concert band festival, which included middle and high school bands from Hillsboro, New Lisbon, Royal, and Wonecoc.

The band performed three selections: an arrangement of Handel’s “Il Scipio March” by John Cacavas; Wisconsin composer Pierre LaPlante’s treatment of the American colonial hymn “Prospect;” and an exciting modern work by Randall D. Standridge, entitled “Armory.”


The band performed within Class M, and received one first rating and two second ratings for an overall second rating. The band received written and verbal comments from three music adjudicators, and had the invaluable opportunity to listen to another performance ensemble from a different school.