Paige Hopkins took 3rd place with this photograph during Tri-County’s Art Show.

Tri-County students participate in District Art Show

Tri-County held its annual 7th-12th grade art show last week. The students did a great job. There were 30 judges that took a look at their work and gave out awards. The following is a list of the winners that will be recognized at the school award ceremony.

High School Drawing: 1st, Meg Erickson; 2nd, Lily Klisiewicz; 3rd, Sergio Calderon.

High School Painting: 1st, Meg Erickson; 2nd, Paige Hopkins; 3rd, Felipe Ramirez.

High School Ceramics: 1st, Joe Becher; 2nd, Ali Button; 3rd, West Altenburg.

High School Glassworks: 1st, West Altenburg; 2nd, Amiee Conley; 3rd, Ali Button.

High School Sculpture: 1st, Hailey Rompasky; 2nd, Ali Button; 3rd, Ali Button.

High School Jewelry: 1st, Cody Footit; 2nd, Ana Rico; 3rd, Alex Wilkes.

High School Photography: 1st, Gavin Berker; 2nd, Kaely Perez; 3rd, Paige Hopkins.

High School Fibers: 1st, Ali Button; 2nd, Meg Erickson; 3rd, Meg Erickson.

High School 2D Project: 1st, Sergio Calderon; 2nd, Sergio Calderon; 3rd, Kaely Perez.

High School Small 3D Project: 1st, Holly Altenburg; 2nd, Meg Erickson; 3rd, Meg Erickson.

8th Grade 2D Art: 1st, Bailey Anderson; 2nd, Sydney Kramer; 3rd, Giselle Loa.

8th Grade 3D Art: 1st, Sydney Kramer; 2nd, Fatima Paredes; 3rd, Jack Schmidt.

7th Grade 2D Art: 1st, Jovanni Mata; 2nd, Lily Noska; 3rd, Jairo Monroy.

7th Grade 3D Art: 1st, Jairo Monroy; 2nd, Jessica Ramirez; 3rd, Alondra Salazar.


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