Wild Rose Ladycats earn 67-41 win over Oshkosh Lourdes Lady Knights

The Wild Rose Ladycats started the girls’ basketball season looking mighty good with a 67-41 win over the Oshkosh Lourdes Lady Knights on Nov. 19.

“We had lots of girls score, playing 12 deep off the bench consistently, with there being good minutes for each,” said Wild Rose Head Coach Brett Brooks. “The defense got off to a good start, and we rode it throughout the game. I thought the point guards did a good job tonight, having good looks at the rim, and they stayed out of foul trouble.”

The fast-paced action kept everyone paying attention, while Wild Rose jumped out to a 10-0 lead within the first couple minutes of the game. Oshkosh Lourdes didn’t get on the board until nearly three minutes had run off the clock, 10-2.

Torrance Marquez improved the score for the hosts with a 3-point shot, 13-2. Then, Lourdes slowly crept up, 13-4 and 15-7; however, the visitors couldn’t keep Wild Rose from piling up the points.

Six Ladycats would score in the half, but Senior Anna Caswell racked up 18 points, including a 3, while Laney Havlovitz put up 14 points, including a 3. They could be seen all over the court, not afraid to drive into traffic. The other three scorers contributed 2 points each, with Orria Wood and Dalene Sherburn each going 2-2 at the free-throw line. When Wild Rose extended its lead, Oshkosh Lourdes would answer until the gap widened more and more, 20 and then 25 to the end of the half.

Wild Rose kept things going in the second half, with Caswell leading the six scorers with 15 points, beginning with two 3-point shots. Wood contributed 4 points, mainly with a 3-point shot. Oshkosh Lourdes worked on improving its scoring and closing the gap, and was successful in part. The gap was closed to within 20, and eventually to 18, but Wild Rose was just too strong.


Anna Caswell led the eight Wild Rose scorers with 33 points, which included three 3-point goals and 2 of 3 free-throws. Laney Havlovitz rolled up 16 points, including 3 of 7 free-throws and a 3-point shot. Orria Wood contributed 3 of 4 free-throws and a 3-point shot, while Torrance Marquez contributed a 3-point shot. The hosts totaled 11 of 19 free-throws, six 3-point goals, and 21 fouls.